Click on the links below to download and view the forms. Once completed please present them to the management office.

Bulky Item Disposal Service

From 11Jan2019 onwards, Sunglade will be implementing Bulky Item Disposal Service in efforts to prevent inappropriate disposal which cause the estate to feel unpleasant. *Prices are subjected to revisions. *Unauthorised disposal will be returned to the unit. Steps: 1. Download & print the form 2. Tick the items to be disposed. If items are not within the list, select an item with the nearest size & weight. 3. Calculate the total 4. Submit the form and make payment at Management Office

Renovation/Air-Con Replacement or Chemical Washing Application Form & Regulations

Please give at least 5 working days advance notice to provide ample notice time to your neighbours. Refundable Deposit preferably in cheque. Lift padding fee must be in cash payment (non-refundable). Allowable work timing is: 0900H to 1700H Monday to Friday 0900H to 1230H Saturday (No noisy works allowed) Strictly no works allowed on Sunday and Public Holidays

Renovation Design Guides

Design Guide for Renovations. If you need the floor plans, they can be chargeable and obtained at the management office.

Moving In/Out ApplicationForm

Please read through the terms and conditions. Deposits and Fees payable are to be made along with the application for it to be considered valid. Please take note of the moving hours restrictions, any moving or bulk deliveries done beyond the permitted hours will be turned down by the security.

Change of Corresponding Address

For Subsidiary Proprietors of the unit.

Access Card Application

Access Card Application Form

Bicycle Registration

This form is for registering your bicycle as part of ownership accountability. All registered bicycles are to park at the designated bicycle parking area. Any unregistered bicycles will be removed from the estate.

Vehicle Parking Registration (For Non Owners only)

Vehicle Parking Registration form for vehicle owners who are not the registered owners (Subsidiary Proprietor) of the unit. Any one of the Subsidiary Proprietor is required to endorse the application. If you are the registered Subsidiary Proprietor, this form is not required.